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Japan is Now Open!


Exciting news! After two years, Japan is finally opening its borders for travelers!
Information is changing quickly, so we will be sure to share updates as more specifics become available:

  • Only packaged tours (for now)
    Only travelers joining packaged tours conducted by pre-approved Japan tour operators are permitted for now.  A special visa will need to be approved in advance and we can help with this process after reservations are confirmed. Independent travelers will be permitted at a later date. Because of this condition, we expect pre or post-tour extensions will not be permitted. We will continue to include a well-balanced amount of guided service and free time on our itineraries.  

  • When can we go?
    Japan is planning a gradual re-opening to be conducted in several phases. For the first phase of Japan's re-opening trial being held this month, travelers are being received with welcome arms into the country starting June 10th. During this phase, a daily visitor cap of 20,000 will be enforced (increased from 10,000).

  • A pre-approved visa is required for now and travelers must pre-register with the Japanese government before arrival
    For now, travelers must apply for a visa in advance and obtain an ERFS code to verify travel plans. We can help you locate your nearest Japan consulate, and we will provide the ERFS code to include in your Japan visa before our tour starts.

  • What will local travel conditions look like?
    Travelers are permitted to have short-term free time within the tour itinerary. Masking and regular disinfection required throughout the trip.

  • Are travelers from all countries allowed?
    For now, tours will only be accepted from the "blue" list of 98 countries and regions representing the lowest risk of infections, which includes the United States and Canada. Individuals from blue list countries will be required to test before flying to Japan but are exempt from arrival testing and quarantines. 


More details can be found on Japan's official Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.


If you would like to save your space on any of our Japan tours, make sure to let us know by emailing us or by reserving online.